Allows a user to detect, adjust, and maintain the low point of their golf swing...


How The SmartBallGolf LowPoint Trainer Works...



How it detects your swing and low point:

  • Uses a high tech laser screen to detect the low point of a golf swing.
  • After detecting the low point, the Smart Ball unit will display the corresponding light pattern.
  • Users can then work on adjusting their pattern, maintaining their pattern, repeating their pattern.


GREEN light swing:

  • Lighting all greens promotes weight, hand & shaft forward at impact position.
  • Divots would be located after the ball.
  • This is the light pattern is the level most golf professionals would create.

YELLOW light swing:

  • Lighting yellow lights can represent broken wrist at impact but with proper weight forward at impact.
  • Divots will often be located just before the ball.

RED light swing:

  • Lighting red lights represents the golfer’s weight and hands are back, behind the ball at impact.
  • Divots are located well before the ball.

NO LIGHT swing:

  • Not being able to light any of the LED lights on the device represents the user’s entire swing path is too high above the infrared light-screen.
  • The result is often a “topped,” shot.




Want to see and test the SmartBallGolf Low Point Trainer for yourself, then meet us at our next event...

DATE: May 13 & 14, 2017

ADDRESS: Grand Palms Hotel-Spa & Golf Resort - Sabal/Grand





The SmartBallGolf LowPoint Trainer is the worlds first affordable electronic device that measures the lowpoint of a golf swing. It uses a Red, Yellow & Green colored light pattern to display the user’s low point. The unit can identify a low point with or a without a golf ball. Uses technology with physical feedback - teaches & trains low-point swings to create near-perfect ball-striking.


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