SmartBallGolf Unit


What the SmartBallGolf does:

  • A grass mat that’s a hitting surface to strike golf balls from. Horizontal sensors create a cloud just over the surface of the grass hitting area. These sensors detect where the golfer’s club impacts the ground. Then provides instant feedback to the golfer with LED lights using colors: red, yellow, and green.
    • RED means the golfer is hitting too far behind the ball
    • YELLOW is behind but getting closer to correct impact
    • GREEN is perfect impact after the ball which is the proper low-point of the swing.
  • Allows a user to detect, adjust, and maintain the low point of their golf swing
  • Allows a user to fine tune and repeat the low point of their golf swing
  • Creates muscle memory with its ability to be used with and without a golf ball
  • The Smart Ball unit is the first and only electronic training device that detects the low point of a golf swing. It uses a Red, Yellow, Green colored light pattern to display the user’s low point. The unit can identify a low point with or a without a golf ball.
  • Lots of players don’t like hitting balls off of mats because it is hard to tell how clean of a strike they actually made. A red zone swing that hits the matt before the golf ball has a much greater tendency to bounce off the surface and slide into the golf ball. It allows the player to sweep through a shot that impacts the turf before the golf ball. Our device will eliminate this worry by showing a player his low point with pinpoint accuracy.
  • High quality players can interpret their divot patterns to make changes to their golf swings. They will pay attention to the direction of the divot, depth of the divot, and location of the start and end of the divot. All of these things are impossible to detect when hitting off of an artificial surface. The SmartBall unit will allow players who are hitting off a matt to identify the low point of their swing.
  • Before the smart ball there were very limited options for training aids or drills to work on a player’s low point. There has never been a device that allows you to pinpoint the location of your low point until now.

How it can improve your game:

  • Teaches the player to hit the ball with a downward strike that impacts the turf at or in front of the golf ball.
  • Encourages the user to take divots like the pros.
  • Helps develop hands forward at impact.
  • Lighting green lights strongly encourages forward weight transfer.


  • Internal rechargeable Lithium battery.
  • 12 Hour battery life allows to use the unit for long periods of time without interruption.
  • Replaceable grass hitting area means the unit will never wear out.
  • It can be hit off any surface indoors and outdoors.
  • Shock Proof.
  • Strike Proof.
  • Works with and without golf balls.
  • Can be used anywhere.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to operate.


  • 90 days guarantee on the electronic component functions.


  • Unit size:  21" diameter x 2.5" high
  • Hitting grass area: 16 1/8" x 9 3/4"
  • Weight: 12.2 lbs.


  • 1 SmartBallGolf Low Point Finder Unit
  • 1 Grass Hitting Surface
  • 1 Black Canvas Storage/Carry Bag



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